It all started a couple weeks ago. My laptop quit responding no matter what I did! It was horrible! 

Fortunately, there is a guy that I was referred to who took it overnight and got the thing working well. He removed some spyware that had been inadvertently installed on the machine. Fortunately, there was no viruses, etc.

Anyway, James McClay is the owner over at McClay IT. I highly recommend him and cannot say enough good things.

Check out his site by clicking the link at the top or here.

A spot of good news for those looking for work. Fortunately with a couple Home Depot locations in the Valley, this could mean as many as 225 new jobs.

So, if you are from Boise, you know that the Boise State Broncos are more than just a local college football team. In fact, to many of us…. they are a way of life. We spend months in the off season following the recruiting efforts of the coaches and staff and spend all spring taking bets on who will start in what position.

More importantly, we turn out to the games, watch them on television, and buy all the merchandise from Savers or Goodwill when it comes on sale. Or… if you have some money to spare you may spend a small fortune on jerseys. One way or another…. we all like to say that we ‘bleed blue’. 

That’s what made Coach Pete’s leaving feel more than just a little painful. It felt, to many of us, as though we were betrayed… stabbed in the back by our favorite uncle. It got worse when we realized he left in the middle of the night and then started poaching players.

Well, that anger and anguish is over… because the 2014 Recruiting Class has signed up and it looks a heck of a lot better than what we’ve seen in the past few years under Coach Pete.

Read and enjoy!

It is always exciting to read a story that details the possibility of speed limit increases. Well, Dan Popkey over at the Idaho Statesman just brought a smile to this cat’s face. 

Any state congressional leaders that happen across this post: I’m a cool cat in Boise and want to see this law passed. :)